Who we are

We are an eco-conscious handmade soap company based in Quebec City, Canada. We make luxury non-toxic personnal care products. We have made the choice of not using any bad chemicals, colorants or fragrances in our fine soaps and products. 

We began making soap in 1999 as a hobby at first, but also because we wanted to reap the benefits of a natural homemade soap that would not be harsh on our skin like most store bought soaps. 

After a few batches of these skin loving wonders, we realized that the art of soapmaking combined many of our different interests, love and academic backgrounds like science (chemistry and biology), graphic arts, photography, crafting and even our love of cooking. Hence we were hooked. 

And now, by offering them to you, it even fuels our entrepreneurial spirit. :) 

We are also very concerned about health and about reducing the amount of chemicals we put on our skin and on yours. That is why we use only natural ingredients in our soaps and products. No colorants and no fragrance oils are used, only essential oils, herbs, flowers and clays. 

We constantly research new oils and ingredients properties to bring you the best possible soaps and personal care products for your skin.

We hope you’ll enjoy our soaps as much as we enjoy making them.

Bulles et Molécules's Team. 

Marie, Marc and Ellie



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