Dafna, lives and works in Madrid, has always been passionate about the natural world. Her own name means laurel leaves in Hebrew and is our logo. Her training, as aroma-therapist, naturopathist and cosmetics formulator of natural products, includes numerous courses and workshops in London, Tel Aviv and Madrid.

In 2008 Dafna decided to create her own line of cosmetics and tailor the products according to the specific needs of customers. Each of Dafna’s products is much more than a cosmetic product; it is a rite, a feeling, a true wellness experience inside and out.

In 2014 Dafna, in collaboration with scientists, created her anti-ageing line based on the Ayurvedic philosophy, with natural and bio active ingredients and highly advanced biotechnology. This line of products, DR2, is designed to have beneficial effects on the skin and wellbeing.

In DAFNA’S PERSONAL SKINCARE we totally commit ourselves to you.



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