The Étymologie Effect

At Étymologie, we believe in striving for long-lasting effects - on skin, on the environment, and on the world. When you choose an Étymologie product, you are directly supporting the Étymologie effect:


Natural and Organic Ingredients : We love using only the finest certified natural and organic plant oils and extracts. No harmful pesticides were ever used in the farming or harvesting of plants destined for Étymologie. Natural and organic ingredients are great for skin, farmers, and the earth. Better ingredients mean better skincare!


PETA Certified Cruelty-free and Vegan : We never test on animals and we never will. Additionally, no animal products are ever used in our formulations. We ensure the safety of our products by using only organic and naturally-derived ingredients and engaging in rigorous scientific testing. If there is any doubt over the safety of an ingredient, you will not find it in our products. Vegan and cruelty-free products are our thank-you to the planet, so you can enjoy Étymologie with a clean conscience.


Made in Canada : Developed in Montreal and produced in Alberta, we are a proudly Canadian company. All of our products are designed, formulated, and produced in Canada. Additionally, we source Canadian materials whenever possible to support our local economies and reduce our carbon footprint. 
Sounds great, eh?


Fragrance Free : We never add filler ingredients , including synthetic fragrances, to our products. We believe that natural is best, so we're happy to let our functional blend of organic plant extracts and oils speak -- well, "smell" -- for themselves.


Based in Science : We believe the best skincare brings together nature and science. All of our formulations undergo thorough research and development to ensure that we are using the highest quality functional ingredients. We take special care to use these ingredients in a way that maximizes their efficacy and impact. Our goal is always to produce sustainable, reliable, results based in science.


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