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HELHEM - Cleopatre Milky Foaming Powder

HELHEM - Cleopatre Milky Foaming Powder

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HELHEM - Cleopatre Milky Foaming Powder

A foaming powder milk that cleans and softens the skin

A fine and light powder that transforms into foam upon contact with water to clean the skin softly, tightens pores, and smooths the skin without dehydrating

Skin type: Combination, regular, dry, and mature, as well as oily acne prone.

How to use: Use a small amount in the palm of your hand and add little water to create a milky foam. Apply the mixture on face and neck avoiding the eyes and massage delicately. Rinse with fresh and clear water.

Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. In case of eye contact rinse thoroughly with abundant water.

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