Celestyna Higgins is a physicist who founded moss in 2015. With an innate talent for formulating and a passion inspired by her own struggles with teenage and adult acne, she decided to create her own products when she could find nothing on the market that was non-toxic, pleasant to use, gentle for sensitive skin AND truly effective to manage her own persistent acne.

moss stands for Modern Organic Sacred Skincare and delivers truly effective, luxurious skincare for acne. Since the rates of adult acne have tripled over the last 20 or so years, our formulas are also powerfully anti-aging, to address the entirety of our clients’ skincare needs.

"Our vision at moss is to deliver superior, non-toxic skincare drawing on the incredible power of plants and botanicals through highly concentrated and powerful formulations. Resolving acne and aging issues in a single product is our specialty. We pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of our unusual and luxurious ingredients."

"Helping our clients to clear and radiant skin is what drives us to continue producing remarkable and safe products that truly work."



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