Pink Light is a spa-thecary, fusing holistic aesthetic practices with the very best organic herbal skin luxuries to create profound wellness rituals and remedies that beautify and brighten the skin, and the soul. We offer facial treatments with our very own line of handmade products and facial and body waxing with a biodegradable wax.

Created by Amber Woods, a trained herbalist and licensed esthetician, Pink Light products create a highly sensorial and supernatural experience for the skin, helping to ease daily stresses and replenish skin’s healthy resilience and radiance at every stage of life.

Pink Light facials are intended as healing sessions, where you get the opportunity to relax, rebalance, and illuminate your healthiest skin.

Amber considers the whole picture of your health, and can offer guidance on nutrition, herbal supplements, and lifestyle transitions. She believes that skin care is self-care, and strives to help clients achieve healthy complexions through natural products, intentional rituals and habits, and self-love. She also uses energy work and healing touch to soothe and assist you in letting go of stress and discovering your body’s own path to healing and rejuvenation.

“I have a strong belief in natural healing and self-care, and have faith in herbal medicine and truly natural ingredients as catalysts for change. I also focus on celebrating the beauty that every person holds and how they choose to look or express themselves. We shouldn’t be held to any particular standard or idea of beauty.

- Amber Woods



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