Pura uses the finest of natural, skin-friendly ingredients, and is free of everything else. Pura's founder, Lane Edwards, has become an expert in researching ingredients and formulating eco-friendly skincare that is sustainable and effective. Our potions contain plant and flower derived essences, and wild harvested ingredients. Pura's handcrafted concoctions are created to promote healthy, gorgeous skin, and a deep connection to all things earthly and beautiful.

It's about feeling divine without having to pile things on. Pure Botanicals skincare is created with the most luxurious materials that nurture your individual beauty, instead of covering it up. The art of the beauty ritual restores your sense of inner peace, especially when it's performed with mindfulness and consistency.

The planet is too precious to create more toxic, chemical based beauty products that deplete our earth, and our own health and longevity. When you experience Pura, you are can rest easy in knowing our potions are earth-friendly, and handcrafted by fellow conscious and caring women- this is our idea of true luxury.


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