We are Yelena and Dany, co-founders of Wild Beauty Apothecary. Yelena is an organic skincare formulator who believes in the superpowers of plants. Advocating for a holistic approach to beauty, she trusts in nature’s ability to provide everything your skin needs. Dany is a creative designer, with a firm belief that communication and education can change the world.

At its heart, Wild Beauty Apothecary carries our passion and values into the world. From the ingredients and suppliers we choose, to our packaging and labels, we explore every alternative route to make our choices better.

That’s because we are just like you – part of the community of people that want to create  positive change, make responsible decisions and return to our roots. In our eyes, that means working with nature, not against it.

Through our artisan skincare products, we believe you will fall in love with what nature has to offer. But we also know it’s not just about what the ingredients do. That’s why at Wild Beauty we trust that together we can learn and get inspired to be more conscious of the environment.

We embrace a realistic approach to beauty and skin. To emphasise that the skin (and our body) is its own self-healing ecosystem. With gentle, nourishing care, alongside a healthy lifestyle, happy mind and balanced eating habits, the skin can experience incredible benefits.




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