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LILFOX - Crystal Hand Wands

LILFOX - Crystal Hand Wands

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LILFOX - Crystal Hand Wands

The LILFOX signature quartz and black tourmaline Crystal Hand Wand Set has only been offered to LILFOX's network of professional aestheticians for use in every signature LILFOX facial and body session.

Crystal Wands are effective when working on the energetic and etheric centers of the body.

Quartz crystals form within igneous rocks in the ever-so-slow cooling of magma or in geothermal waters. They signal resilience and wisdom.

The Black Tourmaline crystal properties soak up all the negative energy that surround it. Through absorbing negativity, the stone can prevent unwanted energy from entering your home, mind, body, or spirit which gives this stone its protective quality.

Wands vary in size, but generally are about 3-4 in long and about one inch in thickness.

How to use: The simplest way to work with wands on this level is to activate and balance the 7 chakra system. Starting at the base chakra, spiral the wand in a clockwise motion to activate and balance this centre. Continue until you feel this chakra is balanced and move on to the next one until you have balanced all 7 chakras. This is a very simple yet effective way to use crystal wands to balance the body.

PRO-TIP: Try placing crystals on each chakra point while balancing with the wand. This can further enhance the intensity and effectiveness of the balance.

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