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Tangent Garment Care

TANGENT GARMENT CARE - TGC111 wall bracket

TANGENT GARMENT CARE - TGC111 wall bracket

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TANGENT GARMENT CARE - TGC111 wall bracket

The TGC111 wall bracket is cut from a single piece of Swedish stainless steel. Ninety percent of the steel has been recycled – the remaining ten is virgin material. The powder-coating is applied in a sealed container, which prevents any emissions apart from water.

Mount the bracket directly onto a tiled surface. No drilling, no holes are required. A glue-lined strip – strong enough to keep the bracket in place for daily use – is already firmly fastened to the back of the bracket. Just peel off the protective tape, attach onto your tiling, then press for twenty seconds. Please make sure that the surface of the tile is completely clean before affixing the bracket. A purpose-made cleansing wipe is included with each purchase.

Made in Sweden.

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