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LIVING LIBATIONS - Best Skin Ever - Chocolate

LIVING LIBATIONS - Best Skin Ever - Chocolate

Quench your dry skin and drench your senses in creamy chocolate cashmere with Living Libations Chocolate Best Skin Ever.

Envelope your skin in the delectable decadence of Chocolate Best Skin Ever for a sweet treat for your skin and senses! This delicious, nutritious libation is positively packed with pure plant botanicals and rejuvenating essential oils. Infuse your skin with this chocolate vanilla-velvet confection after bathing, swimming, sunning, or showering. It is also glorious as a massage oil.

Invite chocolate to billow around your body like silk. Raw chocolate and vanilla saturate creamy coconut, and seabuckthorn berries and jojoba let skin languish in golden goodness. Sparkling plant essences dazzle as aromatic gems in this beautiful blend of zesty lemon-citrine, rosy-quartz rose otto, and a ylang kiss-of-bliss.

Living Libations Best Skin Evers renew the face and bedew the body and with grace. These all-in-one botanical blends cleanse, moisturize, and nourish the skin. Best Skin Evers are crafted to bring into balance all skin types.

How to use: Using your fingertips, gently massage the face, neck, or body. Apply after bathing, swimming, sunning, or showering. It is also a glorious massage oil. Combine with other Serums, Elixirs, and Essential Oils to create your own unique blend. It may be used to cleanse the face and body, though unbalanced or acne prone skin will see happier results from Seabuckthorn, Rose, Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Neroli Best Skin Ever..

INGREDIENTS (Organic): Golden Jojoba Oil - Simmondsia chinensis Virgin Coconut Oil - Cocos nucifera Cacao Beans Oil - Theobroma cacao + Cocos Nucifera Fresh Vanilla Beans Infused in Virgin Coconut - Vanilla Planifolia + Cocos Nucifera Seabuckthorn Berry - Hippophae rhamnoides Rose Otto Oil - Rosa damascene Ylang Ylang Oil - Cananga odorata Lemon Oil - Citrus lmon

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