EARTHWISE BEAUTY - Thelma Lip balm

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EARTHWISE BEAUTY - Thelma Lip balm

How to use: Apply in a thin layer and follow with a lip color if desired. May be reapplied as often as needed. Ideally store Thelma at a temperature below 74°F (23°C) to prevent the balm from turning liquid.

INGREDIENTS: Cold-press unrefined Allanblackia floribunda seed butter†, cold-press unrefined Ximenia americana seed oil†, cold-press unrefined Bertholletia excelsa (Brazil nut) seed oil* or †, cold-press unrefined Theobroma grandiflorum (cupuaçu) seed butter†, cold-press unrefined Mangifera indica (mango) seed butter* or †, cold-press unrefined Trichilia emetica (mafura) seed butter†, cold-press unrefined Platonia insignis (bacuri) seed butter†, Sambucus nigra fruit extract, tocopherol (non-GMO vit. E), Vanilla planifolia extract, alcohol, water. 

*Certified organic. †Responsibly wildcrafted. 

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