EARTHWISE - Dandelion Herbal Tea

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EARTHWISE - Dandelion Herbal Tea

Many people know that dandelion is really good for them but they have a hard time drinking the tea that is more commonly available (roasted leaves, roasted roots, or raw dried roots); the teas often have a sharp or bitter flavor. What we discovered is that dandelion tea flavor can be refreshing and appealing of the tea is made from your spring leaves only.  Our dandelion leaves were all picked in the wild in spring 2017 around the time of flowering or during flowering. The whole dried leaves retain their maximum nutrients, a beautiful rich green color, and are an enjoyable tea to drink.  

Dandelion is one of the first herbs recommended for gentle, slow, yet powerful liver detox, improving nutrient levels (especially iron), and for chronic or recurring conditions with sinuses or eye infections. It purifies the blood, removes toxic heat buildup in the body, removes unhealthy yellow skin coloring, and reduces facial acne, and helps recalcify bones. (Based primarily on The Book of Herbal Wisdom by Matthew Wood.)

Ava uses dandelion in her herbal practice for anemia, chronic fatigue, tendency toward physical weakness, irritability, low immunity, and hormonal acne. 

Surprisingly delicate, reminiscent of fresh, delicate, lightly floral green tea.

Spring leaves of wildcrafted Washington Taraxacum (dandelion).

Directions for Use
Take a small or larger handful and place inside a tea pot or tea mug. Brew the herbs using freshly boiled, filtered water. Steep covered for 10 minutes. Add honey or agave nectar if desired.

40 grams or 1.41 ounces

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