FLOURISH NATURAL BODY CARE - Lemongrass+Melissa Shampoo Booster+Masque

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FLOURISH NATURAL BODY CARE - Lemongrass+Melissa Shampoo Booster+Masque

Our concentrated powdered masque added to your daily shampoo creates an acidic/balancing treatment that removes buildup, scavenges mineral deposits and revitalizes your scalp. Use whenever you experience that heavy feeling in your hair caused by product buildup, hormonal shifts, or mineral deposits from your water. Comes in 2.5 oz. container.

  • citric crystals scavenge minerals(unlike other acids like vinegar)and close the cuticle of your hair
  • lemongrass essential oil is an astringent element
  • chamomile and lemon balm soothes an irritated scalp

Directions for Use:  Add a sprinkle to your shampoo and rub between your hands to activate the foaming bubbles. Apply to wet scalp and hair and rub. Let rest for a few minutes as the foaming action works. Massage scalp again (you may feel some undissolved crystals) and rinse thoroughly.

Ingredients: Maranta Arundinacea (aroowroot powder), citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, melissa officials (and) organic vegetable glycerin, lemongrass and chamomile essential oils.

"Lisa White

"I was, admittedly, skeptical but, am now committed to this product; LOVE IT! It is not stripping and yet, it removes heavy water residue and product build-up, leaving my hair light, but soft and silky. I tried the sample size first, and will be returning to buy the full size!"

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