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HUMBLE DEODORANT - Rosemary & Mint Deodorant

HUMBLE DEODORANT - Rosemary & Mint Deodorant

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HUMBLE DEODORANT - Rosemary & Mint Deodorant

Uplifting, Fresh, Clearing scent. Awaken your senses and settle your mind with Humble rejuvenating limited edition spring scent. Like a Mediterranean breeze, aromatics of rosemary and mint infuse the senses for a transportive and purifying experience. Rosemary’s penetrating woody and citrus-like aroma is energizing and cleansing. It’s perfectly complemented by the warm sweetness of spearmint for a universally loved herbaceous smell that’s fresh and invigorating.

INGREDIENTS: MCT Oil, Non-GMO Corn Starch, All-Natural Baking Soda, Beeswax, Pure Essential Oils & Botanical Extracts

Humble full size plastic containers are made with 75% post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

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