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5 in 1 Day Crème:
Protect. Prime. Tint. Hydrate. Moisturize.

Choose one of these to be your shade* or you can combine to match nearly every color in the human rainbow. Mix and match shades to correct and illuminate skin tone with earth minerals. Blend with the Sunbeam Illuminator to add that sun kissed glow and warmth.

Light Shade: for most Caucasian skin tones except, perhaps, if one is super fair.
World Shade: for everybody else (mid-hi melanin skin tones). Works well for people from South America, South East Asia, light African, and Mediterranean skin tones.
Dark Shade:
for dark and African skin tones.

Block the sun’s UVA/UVB rays with the physical barrier properties of Mineral SPF 30 non-nano, uncoated Zinc Oxide. Protect skin with this plant-based nourishing formula enriched by Green Tea Extract for added anti-oxidant benefits. Halt the signs of aging with anti-stress peptide, Hexapeptide -48 HCL (from Spinach), which treats expression lines. Our Face Crème Day line will also be your-take along for those who take to the slopes in winter. This is an incredibly impressive moisturizer, foundation and a mineral zinc oxide sunscreen in one.  Also perfect for golfers.

Unscented. Plant-based, naturally derived ingredients.
Your skin personalized.


If we buy a product that does many things, then we buy less, consume less and throw away less.  Our Jao Brand Face Crème Day satisfies many needs. Reach for it to moisturize, protect, heal, tint and balance skin tone. And it delivers all this without synthetic ingredients.

Here is how:

Formulated with 22% non-nano uncoated, large particle Zinc Oxide. The benefits of Zinc Oxide are well documented. It provides broad spectrum sun protection and prevents burns.

    Because of this high percentage of zinc, our product may appear a bit thick. Apply to fingertips and spread with a bit of a pat across the facial skin. You can also mix it in with your regular moisturizer, HOWEVER if you do, the SPF factor will be lowered. It does spread easier on the face if a light oil or moisturizer is applied first or if skin is slightly damp with water.  

    After you begin using this product you will notice how soft and nourished your skin will feel. I live at the beach in summer, and I love the sun. Face Crème Day has really saved my face. My skin looks and feels great. I hope it will do the same for you.

    A common mistake many people make is matching foundation to the back of the hand. This is a huge no-no because typically, the back of your hand is a lot darker than the skin on your face. Instead, always color match your foundation to your neck or your jawline. This trick will ensure a closer color match and give you a much better, more natural result. 

    Play it safe and choose a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone—you can always add depth with bronzer. If that still doesn’t work, try custom mixing two shades together to make your perfect foundation. This is the #1 trick used by MUAs to color match clients because it gives the makeup artist more control to create the perfect shade.

    To achieve flawless coverage, pat an amount onto a pre-moistened face and blend well for even coverage.

    Mineral Zinc sunscreens will rub off and need to be re-applied every 2 hours. Be smart in the sun. Wear a hat, find shade. And don’t stay out in direct sun when the rays are strongest between 12-4!

    This product can be added to daily moisturizer in winter when less SPF is needed. NOTE: IF YOU MIX FACE CRÈME DAY WITH MOISTURIZER THE SPF WILL BE REDUCED.

    Blend with the Sunbeam Illuminator to add that sun kissed glow and warmth

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