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Koh-I-Noor - Jaspè Half Round Boar Bristle Brush

Koh-I-Noor - Jaspè Half Round Boar Bristle Brush

Versatile styling brushes especially for blowing out hair.

A lightweight, 100% natural boar-bristle round brush for blowing out and styling hair. Brushes give lift at the roots, set curls, and smooth unruly hairs near the hairline.

For mid-length styles.

  • Light-weight and easy to maneuver
  • Hand-crafted with the finest materials in Italy.

Handmade with unevenly cut boar bristle to better grip your hair from the roots, protect hair from tangling and smooth the cuticle, enhancing your hair’s natural luster. Never mass-produced, each brush is made by hand. The Jaspe collection features an iconic tortoise shell design, making it one of Koh-I-Noor customer favorites. The body is made of cellulose acetate with a gold-stamped logo.

Care: Remove any excess hair from your brush and swirl the brush in a bowl of lukewarm water with a little shampoo in the water. Rinse thoroughly, removing all soap, dirt, hair and oils. Air dry.

21 x ø6 cm

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