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LILFOX - AZURE Tranquil Blue Aura Soak

LILFOX - AZURE Tranquil Blue Aura Soak

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LILFOX - AZURE Tranquil Blue Aura Soak


A detoxifying indigo bath soak. Azure is formulated with an exquisite blend of salt minerals, coconut milk and magnesium crystals to illuminate skin and spirit. Each jar is infused with a raw blue aura quartz crystal point for calming, mystical magic.

Potent blue spirulina and antioxidant rich butterfly pea flowers turn your clawfoot into the deep blue sea. Intoxicating aromatics of Haitian vetiver, spicy cardamom, bitter orange, and Atlas + Virginia cedar provide a deeply restorative experience.

Results: Skin will be left smooth, soft and moisturized from within. Spirit will be calm and in a deeply restorative state.

Skin Type: All skin types.

Texture: Lapis tinted sparkling crystals.

How to use: Add a hanful of salts to hot bath water and soak for at least 20 minutes to allow full absorption and detoxification. Have a big glass of dewy water (preferably with lemon or lime) by your side to stay hydrated while soaking. Without rinsing, towel off and wrap up in a cozy robe under a warm blanket and relax. This would be the time where you cue your singing bowls sound bath meditation, and recline with you Illumina Quartz Crystal Spa Eye Mask. Rehydrate by drinking plenty of water. 

INGREDIENTS: Magnesium sulfate, Cocos nucifera powder*, Clitoria terneatea flower*, Sodium bicarbonate, Simondsia chinensis wax*, Phycocyanin powder*, Vetiveria zizanoides oil*, Cedrus atlantica oil*, Juniperus virginiana oil, Citrus sinensis oil*, Citrus paradisi oil, Cupressus sempervirons oil*, Pogostemlin cablin oil*, Elatteria cardamomum oil, Citrus limon oil* 

*Certifed organic

Formulated without parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, sodium sulfates. Cruelty Free.

500 ml / 17 oz

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