Living Libations - Emerald Poetic Pits

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Living Libations - Emerald Poetic Pits

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How poetic are your pits? Living Libations Emerald Poetic Pits captures the glory of fresh emerald green to dazzle your senses and charm your underarms! The heavenly heartwood of the Emerald Cypress tree charms your underarms benevolently. Your underarm will wax poetic with this redolent charm.

Refreshing Emerald Poetic Pits charms the underarms of men and women into pure poetry. Like Dorothy facing her fears on her journey towards the Emerald City, Emerald cypress unleashes the joys of solitude and independence while fostering a connection with all beings. Become more self-reliant and independent as you feel confident with the aroma your body emits and enjoying an invigorating cocktail of pure Emerald cypress, carrot seed, thyme linalool, Douglas fir, fragonia, marjoram, and zesty lemon. 

Emerald cypress lends this deodorant its dazzling green color, igniting the senses and renewing the spirit. 

Organic Ingredients:

Emerald Cypress – Emerald cypress contains anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties that make it especially suited to delicate underarm tissue. Emotionally, it is used to increase independence and love solitude. 

Carrot Seed – Carrot seed cares for your delicate underarm tissue by rejuvenating skin cells and preventing infections and bumps that can occur from shaving. 

Thyme Linalool – Thyme linalool cleanses the skin of toxins and impurities, allowing new healthy skin cells to thrive. The fragrance is extremely uplifting and motivating, and has been shown to lift depression and ease anxiety. 

Douglas Fir – Douglas fir is a calming, rejuvenating sedative that deepens the breath and opens the mind to a spiritual realm beyond everyday worries and anxieties. Notes of fresh fir and “green-apple” invite the nose and give poetic pits a cheerful feeling!

Fragonia – Hailing from the wild, friendly winds of the Australian outback, the elements in fragonia oil are perfectly balanced. When you surround yourself with such balanced elements, you will discover your own inner state of perfect homeostasis. Gentle yet powerful, our fragonia oil relieves muscle pain, reverses respiratory infections, and stimulates the immune system. Its compelling aroma is said to be an extremely powerful emotional healer. Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties protect pits from infection, while the mild, delicate fragrance of fragonia is renowned for balancing mind, emotions and body. 

Marjoram – Marjoram protects pits from the pain of nicks, cuts and bumps while increasing circulation and infusing skin with beneficial phyto-nutrients of terpinen and ursolic acid. 

Lemon – Uplifting lemon detoxifies the skin and makes the senses jump for joy! When applying Emerald Poetic Pits after showering, lemon lends a lightning bolt of refreshed energy, lifting the spirits and focusing the mind.


Sentez-vous plus confiant grâce à ce déodorant. Dans son cocktail d’arômes revigorant, on y trouve du cyprès, des graines de carottes, du thym linalool, du sapin, de fragonia, de la marjolaine et du citron piquant. Le cyprès confère à ce déodorant sa couleur verte éblouissante.


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