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LIVING LIBATIONS - Feverfew Essential Oil

LIVING LIBATIONS - Feverfew Essential Oil

Formidable Feverfew Essential Oil harnesses the pure plant power of Chrysanthemum parthenium, a daisy family shrub that boasts bright, cheery flowers with whimsical yellow centers.

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum parthenium
Botanical Family: Asteraceae

Extraction Method: Steam distilled
Part of Plant Distilled: Flowers, aerial part

Country of Origin: Canada
Composition: 100% Chrysanthemum parthenium
Consistency: Medium viscosity
Cultivation Method: Organic and wild-crafted

Scent Description: Vespers of camphor and chrysanthemum's lovechild: soft and subtle with musty notes of fresh greenery.

Blends well with: Greenland Moss, Peppermint, Lavender, Spruce, Frankincense, Rose Otto, and Tansy.

Uses: Calm concentration and focus. Deep breathing balm. Stills a spinning head. Apply to temples to unwind and mind your way into mediation. A bathing beauty. Super in the salt pipe with a drop of peppermint and frankincense as clarifying companions.

Contraindications: Do not use if vulnerable to seizures.

Phew! If your brain is spinning and light seems too bright, breathe a sigh of relief with fascinating Feverfew Essential Oil. This midsummer daisy stills the head and makes bright light a delight.

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