LIVING LIBATIONS - Jet Set - Libations Travel Kit

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Jet Set - Libations Travel Kit

Look and feel like your radiant self – no matter where your travels take you! Our Jet Set Kit is for weekend warriors and wide-eyed wanderers looking to jettison jet lag and step off the plane feeling refreshed and renewed. Harmonize your body and revive your spirit with our salt pipe, throat spray, breathing balms and more! 

Your Jet Set Kit Includes:  

  • Petite Salt Pipe to purify the very air you breathe - perfect for air travel 
  • Deep Breathing Blend and Balm to decongest, detoxify and refresh the respiratory system
  • Mint Condition Lip Fix tokeep lips in mint condition 
  • Open Sky Eye Serum Roll-On to placate puffiness, moisturize and prevent under-eye circles 
  • Immune Illume Hotberry Solacing Throat Spray to stop scratchy throats in their tracks  
  • Tonic Reviving Roll On to energize and revive the sinuses, temples and skin 

These travel buddies are all bundled in a hand-sewn medium-sized kit bag, the perfect travel companion!

Living Libations Jet Set Kit is a must-have travel tote for anyone on the go – jet setters, adventure seekers, business travelers and family vacation! Whether you find yourself on a 15-hour flight or just hopping a train to the office, our Jet Set Kit has everything you need to feel reenergized. 

Detailed Item Descriptions

Petite Salt Pipe – Our Petite Salt Pipe is perfect for air travel – simply add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil to our pure-pink Himalayan salt and inhale deeply. The combination of this precious salt and the essential oils helps to flush impurities from the respiratory system while reviving the lungs of stale airplane air. Colds, headaches, sinus troubles and stress will also benefit from the sweet breath of negative ions – a natural antidote to fatigue, allergens and respiratory irritants. 

Deep Breathing Blend – Inhale the cool, purifying fusion of our Deep Breathing Blend – the unparalleled antidote to traveler’s fatigue! This deluxe decongestant serves as a sleep aid on long flights, a focus aide while studying or a clarifying agent for the entire respiratory system. Made with eucalyptus, black spruce, oregano, inula, rosemary and grapefruit, our Deep Breathing Blend can be inhaled directly, diffused in your hotel room, added to our Petite Salt Pipe or vaped while waiting for your train. Available in 5ml. 

Immune Illume Deep Breathing Balm – Have you ever gotten sick while traveling? Not only are you exposed to more germs in airports and hotels – you are also under stress as you’re bombarded with new stimuli and scramble to catch your flight. Immune Illume Deep Breathing Balm is a fortifying, strengthening balm that boosts the body during travel and times of stress (not to mention sniffle season!). Anoint temples, chest, feet and inside the nostrils to protect your body from outside invaders. Breathing Balm is a botanical blend of thyme, ravensara, hyssop, eucalyptus, oregano and rosemary essential oils that have been combined with Happy Beeswax and jojoba for maximum powers of protection. Available in 15ml. 

Mint Condition Lip Fix – Keep lips in mint condition while travelling. Mint Condition Lip Fix is packed with protective essential oils and emollient jojoba to shield lips from dry airplane air and external toxins. Protect your precious pout with organic infusions of jojoba, spearmint, peppermint, grapefruit, Blue Tansy, frankincense, cardamom and thyme linalool. Available in 5ml. 

Open Sky Eye Serum Roll-On – Offer tired eyes some serious TLC with our Open Sky Eye Serum Roll-On – a toning, firming, hydrating elixir for dark circles and post-flight puffiness. No one will know you feel jet lagged thanks to the awesome calming and cooling powers and potent plant botanicals contained in this convenient travel-sized roll-on. Dab a dose of organic hydration around the eye area or anywhere on your neck and face that needs a soothing infusion. Open Sky Eye Serum Roll-On is crafted with firming essential oils of virgin coconut, frankincense, jojoba, Cape chamomile, German chamomile, rose otto, peppermint, blue tansy, sweet thyme and lavender. Available in 10ml. 

Immune Illume Hotberry Solacing Throat Spray – Dry, scratchy “airplane throat”? Want to shield yourself from germy airports and train stations? Immune Illume Hotberry Solacing Throat Spray soothes scratchy throats and fortifies against invaders with a delectable blend of restorative botanicals. slippery elm and MCT coconut oil have joined forces with schizandra berry, clove, cinnamon, seabuckthorn, ginger root, turmeric and grapefruit to ease sore throats, clarify coughs, and protect your entire system – spritz after delicious spritz! Available in 10ml. 

Tonic Reviving Roll On – Our reviving roll-on energizes and delights as you refresh and rejuvenate after a long flight. Ease travel as stress, anxiety and fatigue with a few sacred swipes across the neck, spine and sinuses. Anoint temples and wrists with a burst of botanical bliss to cool, calm and clarify. Bring the present moment into focus with a concentrated blend of blue tansy, lemon, pure peppermint and luscious lavender. Available on 10ml.  

Medium Kit Bag – Wrap your travel treasure in our hand-sewn, vintage towel, medium-sized kit bag, the perfect tote for keeping these essential travel ‘friends’ together.

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