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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Quartz Crystal Gua Sha

LIVING LIBATIONS - Quartz Crystal Gua Sha

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Quartz Crystal Gua Sha

You can bless your body with a therapeutic Gua Sha body-treatment by scraping oiled skin with the flat edge of Living Libations Quartz Crystal Gua Sha stone using significant pressure. Traditionally, the skin is scraped vigorously enough to leave red marks.

Gua Sha facials, though, are usually gentler; a corresponding curve in Living Libations Gua Sha stone is glided over the face and neck and along pressure points to sculpt and uplift, ease puffiness, and liberate muscular tension that can cause lines and wrinkles. After just one session of Gua Sha-ing with a Living Libations serum the appearance of your skin will look radiant, toned, lifted, and glowing.

Gua Sha facials are especially ideal for people with sensitive skin because they will glean the benefits of a massage and facial without using a lot of products or having fingers touch their skin.

While Gua Sha implements can be comprised of a variety of materials, they prefer the smooth, cool beauty of crystal quartz. Quartz stones are prismatic crystals of silicon and oxygen compressed by geologic forces into hardened, sparkling light. Throughout history, the innate enchanting, reflective colors of quartz stones have attracted healers and humans because quartz naturally amplifies energy and seems to transpose its own light onto the human receiver. 

Gua Sha Use: To vivify your visage with Gua Sha, wash the face and neck or spritz it with Rose Tonic or Frankincense Tonic, and smooth on a generous squeeze of a lubricating serum (Rose Glow, Soothsayer, Open Sky, or any Best Skin Ever), for great glide. Simply select the perfect curve in the implement to hug the area you are Gua Sha-ing. Be sure to move the tool upward and outward to effectively sculpt and smooth the skin.

Begin with the base of the neck and glide upward in long, slow swipes until the whole neck is scraped. Then move to the jaw, the cheeks, the eye area, the forehead, the nose, and the lips, always gliding up and outward. For the very best result, use daily or at least three times per week.

At Living Libations they love to perform Gua Sha by applying a botanical oil or serum to the face and body after a quick hot shower, sauna, or while immersed in a hot bath. Then they run the Gua Sha stone over freshly oiled skin. Leave freshly Gua Sha-ed skin as is or rinse again with cool water followed by another anointing of oil, which is lovely to do while basking in the sun.

Gua Sha Care: Wash the stone with hot water and a little lather from their clay bar soap, or a little dash of Living Libations shampoo and dry it thoroughly. Store it in the muslin bag in a protected location.

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