Living Libations - Sacred Sage Purifying Scented Candle

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Living Libations - Sacred Sage Purifying Scented Candle

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Sacred Sage clears senses, sacred spaces and places with a reverent blend of Cedar bark, Vetiver roots, Sandalwood, and a gathering of sages from many lands: Kenyan Leleshwa, South African Blue Mountain Sage, Spanish Sage, Desert Sage and Canadian White Sage. Daily dawns, meditative moments, and waxing moons commune to the sacred tune of this sage smudge in a candle. Upon lighting Sacred Sage, your senses will open to all that is, to all relations, to clarity, to scented-spirals wider than duality. Use this candle to cleanse and care for your air as Sacred Sage will sanctify spaces and purify places. 

Living Libations 100% pure beeswax candle collection harnesses the buzzing, beatifying beauty of the worker bee, who flies 150,000 miles just to secrete a single pound of candle wax! When combined with our pure, organic essential oils, these candles burn with a bright, healing light as sacred scent fills the air uplifting spirits, easing tension and adding luminosity to the altar of our existence anywhere these candles are lit. 

Organic Ingredients:

Our 100% beeswax candles are all hand poured offering the beautiful light from happy bees in fragrant flight. Each candle is lovingly crafted with all-natural beeswax and organic essential oils chosen for their abilities to heal, uplift, and fortify mind, body, and spirit. 

Cedar – Cedar bark unleashes a sense of tranquil calm while stimulating circulation and eradicating anxiety. A wonderful skin treatment and respiratory aid, cedar brings clarity to chaos and eases the decision-making process. 

Leleshwa – A natural preservative and disinfectant, leleshwa opens the lungs and blesses breathing, clearing the body of congestion. This powerful antibacterial and antiviral sage has been traditionally used to boost the immune and deter insects. 

Vetiver – Vetiver is a refreshing root that relieves stress and clears the skin. Vetiver melts away nervous tension, alleviates insomnia, and primes the mind to move more deeply into meditation. 

Sandalwood – Sacred sandalwood brings balance to frazzled nerves and eases emotions during times of extreme grief. Sandalwood treats all kinds of skin conditions and sandalwood serves as a foundation of fortitude. 

Spanish Sage – Sage is a supertonic that has been traditionally used to reset a warped nervous system, dispel fatigue, lift spirits, soothe inflammation, and alleviate stress. Sage is also frequently used to cleanse spaces and objects of residual energy.  

White Cedar – Sharp, sweet, and woodsy, white cedar is an ancient Native American medicinal remedy often used during meditation and sacred rituals. This essence is said to increase consciousness, clear the respiratory system, and remove blockages from body and mind. 

Douglas Fir – This fortifying fir is used for expansion, including the expansion of consciousness, the expansion of mind, and the expansion of the lungs as they inhale ever-deeper breaths. For centuries, Douglas fir was used in Native American rituals to rid the body of toxins and set the spirit free. 

Silver Fir – The notes of soft, sweet resin found in Silver Fir accent the sagacious scents in this sacred forest cologne. Silver fir is an adaptogenic sedative/stimulant used to break up congestion and phlegm, calm anxiety, invigorate the mind, and rev the circulatory system. 

Blue Mountain Sage – The clarifying power of Blue Mountain sage cleanses the body of toxic emotions. This high altitude sage supports meditation by invoking a deep sense of peaceful calm. The fragrance is greener and earthier than the other sages, providing fresh notes of cleansing inspiration.

Desert Sage - Our wild sage conjures images of camping out under the windblown stars, inhaling the sharp-clear aroma of an essence commonly known as “cowboy cologne.” This sacred plant is a powerful ally for approaching life with calmness and clarity. 

White Sage – Traditionally used as a purifying agent in spiritual ceremonies, white sage frees the body of tension while infusing the mind with peaceful thoughts. This invigorating herb also clears congestion, and alleviates anxious emotions. White sage is believed to have the power to dispel negative energy while simultaneously attracting positive energy.  


Why Beeswax? 

These 100% natural and chemical-free candles are crafted from the wax of happy, dedicated honeybees who fly hundreds of thousands of miles just to secure the nectar needed to make a few pounds of honey. Talk about commitment!

Once the bees have captured enough nectar to make honey, our beekeepers must harvest 100 pounds of the sweet liquid in order to obtain just 2 pounds of beeswax. The wax is therefore incredibly rare, incredibly precious, and incredibly pure. 

Humans have used beeswax candles since we first learned how to make a fire. The Ancient Egyptians began using wicked beeswax candles as early as 3000 BCE, while the Ancient Romans created candles by dipping papyrus in melted beeswax. 

Beeswax candles are renewable and environmentally friendly. They have a higher melting point than paraffin or soy-based candles, which leads to longer burning times with very little dripping. The longevity of beeswax candles more than offsets their higher cost when compared to chemically based candles.

Beeswax candles are free of chemicals, toxins, dioxins, and carcinogens. They are biodegradable and hypoallergenic. 

Perhaps the most exciting quality about 100% beeswax candles is their ability to naturally emit negative ions into the air. Negative ions cleanse and purify the air of toxins and environmental hazards, including electromagnetic waves. These ions are also said to cleanse and purify the body, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. When we breathe in negative ions, such as those emitted by trees, mountains, or waterfalls, a biochemical reaction occurs within the body and the brain. This reaction is said to boost serotonin levels in the brain, leading to stress reduction and increased energy. 

Beeswax vs. Paraffin and Soy-Based Candles

Most commercial candles sold today are paraffin candles, which are made with a by-product of petroleum. Paraffin contains a dozen different toxic compounds, and when burned, emits toxic smoke similar to that of diesel fuel. 

The compound used to create paraffin candles is black in color, so it is treated with bleach to make it white. Dioxins, known toxic compounds that are considered environmental pollutants, are created during this process. 

From there, a chemical called acrolyn is added to the liquefied, bleached petroleum to solidify the product into candle form. Synthetic fragrances and dyes are added next, which are also toxic when burned. The end result is a pollutant that is incredibly toxic, and damages the environment and the body. 

Soy-based candles aren’t much better. The wax used to make soy candles is solvent extracted from genetically modified soy seeds. These seeds are grown using chemical pesticides and insecticides that make their way into the candles. While some soy candle makers blend other oils and waxes into this GMO recipe, all soy candles contain the wax of GMO soy seeds.

Soy candles also undergo bleaching to remove the natural color of the soy seeds. They are then hydrogenated using high heat and heavy metals like nickel. 

The only candles available today that are free of chemicals, carcinogens, and GMOs, are 100% beeswax candles. Used since time immemorial, beeswax candles burn brighter and longer than chemical candles thanks to the offerings of Mother Nature and her happy honeybees. 

Our Living Libations Candle collection includes our Radiant Love, Deep Breathing, Lavender Lullaby, Trees Please, and Sacred Sage candles, all of which are 100% beeswax blended with beautiful, organic essential oils for completely natural flames of nourishment. 

Burning Instructions for 100% Beeswax Candles

  1. 1Burn your beeswax candles away from drafts, fans or open doors. This will prevent dripping. 
  2. Keep the wick trimmed to ¼ inch to prevent breakage. Always trim just after you blow out the candle while the wick and wax are still warm. Trimming a cold wick may result in the wick breaking off, which makes it difficult to re-light.
  3. “Hug” your beeswax candles by pushing the outer wax towards the middle of the candle, evening out the surface. This will increase the longevity of your candle and ensure even burning. Hugging can be done carefully while the candle is lit or just after extinguishing the flame.
  4. Extinguish your candle’s flame by carefully bending the wick until the flame enters the pool of wax. Be sure to gently straighten the wick afterwards while it is still warm to prevent breakage.


Sacred Sage nettoie les sens et les espaces sacrés grâce à ce mélange d’écorce de cèdre, de racines de vétiver, de bois de santal et de sauge provenant de nombreux pays. En allumant cette bougie, vos sens s’ouvriront. Utilisez la pour nettoyer et prendre soin de votre air car cette bougie sanctifiera vos espaces et purifiera les lieux. Les bougies Living Libations exploitent la beauté bourdonnante des abeilles ouvrières pour ainsi créer cette cire de bougie. Combinée avec nos huiles essentielles pures et biologiques, cette bougie brûle avec une lumière brillante et apaisante, alors que l’odeur sacrée inspire les esprits et soulage les tensions.


Instructions : Brûlez vos bougies à l’abris des courants d’air, de la ventilation ou des portes ouvertes. Gardez toujours la mèche coupée à ¼ de pouce pour éviter sa casse. Toujours couper la mèche une fois que vous avez éteint la bougie et que la cire est encore chaude. Repoussez la cire d’abeille de l’extérieur vers l’intérieur de la bougie, cela permettra d’augmenter la longévité de votre bougie et d’avoir une meilleure combustion. Eteignez la flamme de votre bougie en enfonçant la mèche dans la cire chaude, veillez à bien la redresser ensuite.

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