Living Libations - White Rose Hydrosol Complexion Tonic – LIMITED EDITION

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Living Libations - White Rose Hydrosol Complexion Tonic – LIMITED EDITION 

Grace your face with the pure poetry of white rose in a rare mist of pristine moisture. Our limited edition White Rose Hydrosol Complexion Tonic pairs the subtle, ethereal whisper of white rose hydrosol with the nourishing, toning power of organic white rose otto. Together, these distillations dance with the regal flower-power of snow-white rose and leaves the face feeling like divinity has anointed your skin.

Living Libations White Rose Hydrosol Complexion Tonic graces the face with the pure, pristine power of white Bulgarian roses. A single spritz contains the medicinal power of hundreds of organic blossoms, whose oil and water offer a myriad of benefits for the skin and the soul. 

Crafted with pure white rose hydrosol and white rose otto essential oil, this delicious mist engulfs skin tissues in the deep, healing power of nature’s rarest rose. The oil of white rosa alba buds ignites the pristine moisture of pure rose water, which retains the complexity of the oil in a light, fresh floral scent. 

Both white rose essences are organically grown and distilled in Bulgaria, where our distiller spends months on end pruning and prepping each bud, petal by petal. Each magnificent millimeter of this sacred and super satiating face mist contains skin-loving compounds to nourish, lift, and tone facial skin with a single spritz.  

Spray a sacred mist of White Rose Hydrosol Complexion Tonic just after cleansing with our Best Skin Ever, upon first waking, throughout the day to refresh the face, or after a day of sun-drenched summer fun. 

All Organic Ingredients:

White rose hydrosol (Rosa alba)- This light, delicate divine hydrosol is a pristine distillation of rosa alba petals. The hydrosol offers the same fragrance complexity as the essential oil. Also known as white rose water, the hydrosol contains the same properties as the essential oil: incredibly toning, uplifting, rejuvenating, nourishing, balancing, and firming for the skin. 

White rose otto (Rosa alba) – White rose otto essential oil is steam-distilled in Bulgaria, where hundreds of rose pickers tend to our petals for months in preparation for the harvest. The rarest and most precious of all the oil-bearing roses, white rose otto is nourishing for the skin and uplifting for the heart. The rose is associated with feelings of love, openness, and hopefulness. In this toning tonic, the hydrosol purifies and hydrates the skin, while pure white rose otto tones, moisturizes, and unravels love blockades at the deepest spiritual level. 


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