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MUSTELA - Stelatopia Replenishing Cleansing Wipes

MUSTELA - Stelatopia Replenishing Cleansing Wipes

Stelatopia Replenishing cleansing wipes, with a gentle fragrance free formula, are specially designed for extremely dry skin.

Thick and ultra-soft, made from fibers softer than cotton, they gently cleanse baby’s face, hands and nappy area, from birth*.

97% of natural origin ingredients.

*Babies out of NICU

How to use: These ultra-soft baby wipes can be used on baby's face, body and nappy area.

  1. Pick a wipe from the pack. One is usually enough.
  2. Cleanse gently (baby's face, hands or nappy area).
  3. Throw the wipe in your domestic trash. Do not flush down the toilet! Carefully close lid back after use.

INGREDIENTS: Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil Unsaponifiables.

Contains 97% of natural origin ingredients. The remaining 3% allow for a long term protection of the formula.

Packet of 50 baby-child cleansing wipes

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