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Naked Swab

NAKED SWAB - NakedRounds Bamboo

NAKED SWAB - NakedRounds Bamboo

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NAKED SWAB - NakedRounds Bamboo

The perfect replacement for single-use cotton balls or pads, the ultra-soft, reusable NakedRounds can be used to remove makeup and apply skincare products. The charcoal infused bamboo helps to gently detoxify the skin, leaving your face feeling fresh and clean. NakedRounds are long-lasting, absorbent, and made with dark fibres to avoid any hard to remove makeup stains.

  • 1 NakedRound = up to 200 uses
  • machine-washable
  • premium quality charcoal infused bamboo
  • highly absorbent
  • 16 rounds

Care instructions:

Better care for your rounds = better results for your wallet! with proper care, NakedRounds can be used up to 200 times! For best results, we recommend hand washing and air drying. When using the washing machine, we recommend using a delicates mesh laundry bag.

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