OZN NAIL POLISH - Nail Polish Remover 100ml limited edition green

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OZN NAIL POLISH - Nail Polish Remover 100ml limited edition green

With our limited OZN Nail Polish Remover GREEN EDITION, we are supporting environment protection and nature conservation in Germany. A part of the profit will be dontated to a large German Association, committed to ecological agriculture and healthy food, climate protection and the expansion of renewable energies, the protection of endangered species, the forest and water..

Other ingredients are:

  • E acetate Vitamin, an oily, odourless, water-insoluble liquid. This synthetic pro-vitamin E is not only used as an additive for cosmetics but also for the drug manufacturing.
  • D-Phantenol / 50P is a compound also used as an active ingredient for the treatment of diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, and for medical skin care.
  • Aloe vera gel, extracted from the water storaging tissue of aloe vera leaves. It has anti-inflammatory, wound healing and moisturizing features.
  • Glycerin is a sugar alcohol. Due to the water-binding properties, glycerol is used in the manufacture of cosmetics as a moisturizer.

Society has moved towards a more sustainable and healthy approach of consumer products. People are more conscious about what they eat and where products are coming from. Also the cosmetics industry is getting more conscious and critical about ingredients and the manufacturing process.  OZN is committed to a vegan nail polish range, which includes avoidance of all animal products (no animal substances, pigments made from animals, or any other animal by-products) and a halal production.

It is crucial that OZN products are not harmful to your health). OZN nail polish has been developed with no known toxic substances. We use alternative solvents and compounds, which are biodegradable and do not damage your health or pollute the environment. One example is butyl acetate, a solvent which is derived from acetic acid.

Naturally you cannot just use purely organic or natural ingredients in nail polishes. Though OZN ensures that no harmful chemicals at all are used in the manufacturing process - harmful substances such as formaldehyde (which is known to be cancerous), toluene (degreases the skin and can lead to inflammation), DBP (dibutyl phthalate), silicones, mineral oils, acetone, phthalates (a chemical softener), camphor (which can impact the nervous system and kidneys and can cause nausea and shortness of breath) and rosin (which may cause contact dermatitis) are not being used in our products.

OZN is a vegan and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional nail polishes. Despite the avoidance of harmful ingredients, the colour intensity and superior shine of our OZN nail polish products is not lost.


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