RED FLOWER - italian blood orange petal topped candle

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RED FLOWER - italian blood orange petal topped candle

6 oz
pure flower fragrance fills a room with the intense scent of just-picked flowers. nature's bloom is transported indoors.


blended with the purest natural-burning wax for 50 hours of breathing, watching, lighting and living. a slow, velvety and clean burn. topped with a cotton wick and scented petals, which can be emptied into a small dish to subtly scent a room. 

packaged in 77% post-consumer recycled paper. printed at a 100% wind-powered plant. made in the u.s.a.

ingredient list, scent notes & process:

fill any room with the fragrance of freshly picked flowers, blended with natural burning wax that gives off a clean burn. the scented petals on top gives a great final touch to the already relaxing fragrance. it can be used anywhere, and it burns for a very long time. put it on a small dish and scatter the petals around it to bring this wonderful fragrance into the home.

history: originated in sicily where it was produced way back in the 15th century

origin: italy and spain

essential oil blend: orange blossom, grapefruit, blood orange rind, italian blood orange

process: cold-pressed distillation

aromatherapy: the citrus oils uplift the mood

language: means generosity

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