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ROUTINE - Dirty Hipster No. 3 Candle

ROUTINE - Dirty Hipster No. 3 Candle

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ROUTINE - Dirty Hipster No. 3 Candle

In Canada we call our beanies toques. PBR, irony, Portland & lewks. Smell so good, but like you didn’t try. Just shrug it off when your friends ask you why.

Scent: Patchouli. Palo Santo. Tobacco. Vetiver.

Warmly accompany a chilly evening or your fave album.

Every candle is hand poured with natural soy wax in Calgary, AB. Glass vessels are ethically made in the USA and labelled with labels made in BC, Canada. Designed by the Routeam.

Scent Profile: That boy you liked in junior high. That sweatshirt you never gave back to your ex. Je ne sais quois. Youth.

Pairs well with: Lou Reed on vinyl, melancholy, happiness, Pabst Blue Ribbon.


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