Siam Seas - Henna Shampoo

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Siam Seas - Henna Shampoo

The Color Preserver

Ideal for drab, brittle hair, this luxe, all-natural shampoo is the perfect blend of red and brown henna. Made with a shine-boosting coconut oil base, the formula coats hair’s surface to preserve damage and enhances your natural hair color with a silky, translucent shine—all with a soft herbal scent.

Ingredients: Aqua, Potassium cocoyl glycinate (derived from coconut fatty acid), Oryza sativa (rice) extract, Lawsonia inermis (henna) extract, Sodium PCA (Plants derived), Pro vitamin B5 , Citric acid, Sodium chloride(Salt), Fragrance (100% essential oils), 1,3 Propanediol (vegetables derived), Potassium sorbate (plants derived).

How to use : Apply to wet hair, massage into a lather, and rinse thoroughly. Can be used on any hair color, though results are best on darker shades. 

This shampoo contains natural preservatives and no toxic

266g (9 oz)

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