The Laundress - SWEATER COMB

$ 30.00 CAD

The Laundress - SWEATER COMB

We have been using this comb to de-pill our delicate knits and fine gauge woolens while leaving our heavier knit items to the Sweater Stone. We like to have both tools on hand to use on sweaters, scarves, wool coats, and even pant legs. Two fine metal mesh screens on a cedar wood handle gently pick up stray pills while leaving renewed yarns behind.
How to use
Simply glide the screen across pilled areas. Effectively picks up loose fibers and gathered yarn that naturally occurs with friction and wearing. Remove gathered yarn from the screen after each use. 

Recommended for all woolens and blends such as sweaters, scarves, coats and pants. Perfect for collars, cuffs and waistbands.


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