All Over Colour by Manasi 7 in the shade Kuranberi

Kuranberi is one of many absolutely stunning shades of Manasi 7 All Over Colours. Find Kuranberi here.

A model with dark hair and eyes wearing natural looking makeup from Manasi 7.

A natural, irresistible burgundy red reminiscent of cranberries. A true statement colour. Kuranberi is a deep, sophisticated cranberry red shade with cooler undertones than the shade Alizarin. Universally flattering.

All Over Colour is a versatile organic, natural and wild harvested lip and cheek colour, as well as a contour and cream eye shadow in one product. It can be worn in limitless ways, built up from a subtle shade to a statement look, or layered with their other colours to create stunning new shades.

Photo by Manasi 7.

Kuranberi is available here.

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