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Give a warm welcome to a NEW brand in our shop: meet Gracious Minds, a skin & body care brand rich in Australia’s most nurturing botanicals. Gracious Minds is a dedication to organic skincare and well-being that inspires a deeper connection to oneself. Available here.

These are their three green products. Don’t they look gorgeous?

gracious minds

gracious minds retinol alternative elixir

gracious minds green genes face cream

Beyond The Surface Hydrating Mist/Toner is a hybrid serum mist formulated to instantly hydrate and calm the skin’s barrier: face, neck and body. With Wheatgrass, Japanese Knotweed and Gotu Kola. Available here.

Photosynthesis Retinol Alternative Elixir is a non-comedogenic serum great for dry skin, hormonal acne, sensitive, normal skin. It contains an intense infusion of cold-pressed, organic Bakuchiol and Broccoli Seed plant extracts that all utilise a form of Vitamin A that helps the skin renew. Available here.

Green Genes Regenerate Hydration Superfood Face Cream is a lightweight face cream that sinks in deeply to hydrate and nourish sensitive skin. Formulated with Green Australian Superfoods such as Kale, Hemp and Pea Protein Peptides which soothes the skin and leaves you with smooth, soft and glowing looking skin. Available here.

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Photos by Gracious Minds.

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