For Silky, Rejuvenated Hair try Botanical Hair Elixir

Reveal silky, rejuvenated locks with the Botanical Hair Elixir from Sangre de Fruta. Check it out here. The signature scent of their Garden of Earthly Delights essential oil blend will enchant the senses as this sensual potion wraps your tresses in a rich, velvety cocoon of deeply nourishing botanical bliss. This versatile dream cream can elevate any hair care ritual.

botanical hair elixir by sangre de fruta in black packaging with a pump lays on light green leaves (on sage leaves)

Try it as a revitalizing hair mask to nourish dull, dry hair, or as a styling cream to smooth and sculpt the natural beauty of your locks. The finish is soft and lightweight, with the perfect amount of playful volume and texture.
Image by Sangre de Fruta.

Available here.

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