Get soft & smooth skin with Mara's new product

Surrender to soft, smooth skin with this powerful 3-in-1 resurfacing serum comprised of 8% vegan lactic acid, a trifecta of bioactive flower acids and polyhydroxy acid to exfoliate, improve the look of fine lines, pores and dramatically re-texturize skin overnight. Available here.

mara beauty plankton flower acid algae serum

swatch of mara beauty plankton flower acid algae serum

Meet Plankton + PHA™ Flower Acid Algae Serum by Mara. This transformative, maritime-rich formula is brimming with proprietary algae, microalgae and aqueous herbs that visibly tighten, strengthen and flood the skin with mega moisture. Plus, a splash of French sea water gently renews and refreshes for smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin.

Works well on normal, oily and blemish-prone skin types.

Photos by Mara.

You can get the Plankton + PHA™ Flower Acid Algae Serum here.

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