Masking with Catharsis by Earthwise Beauty

Whenever in doubt, use Catharsis Face Mask by Earthwise Beauty. This active and effective face mask is based on the wonderful Neem powder, which makes the mask very invigorating so you can expect energized but also clean and firmed looking skin.
A green powder face mask in a white little dish. To the mask are added water and a little bit of honey. This is Catharsis Face Mask by Earthwise Beauty.
Catharsis works from the first application and gives immediate results! Whenever my skin is looking dull or lackluster I use it and it never disappoints. Skin looks recharged but also calmed. Really, really nice.

The mask is suitable for all skin types, including dry, acne, combination, and mature. If you have very sensitive skin, spot-test Catharsis as a cleanser (rather than leaving it on for a longer time).
Si vous avez un doute, utilisez le masque Catharsis Face Mask de Earthwise Beauty. Ce masque pour le visage très efficace a une base de poudre de Neem, qui le rend très revigorant, et vous sentirez donc votre peau non seulement avec un look plus ferme, mais aussi pleine d’énergie.

Catharsis fonctionne dès la première application et donne des résultats immédiats! Dès que vous avez une peau qui a une allure terne, il ne vous décevra pas. Votre peau sera tonifiée, mais aussi calmée. Vraiment, vraiment bien.

Ce masque convient à tous les types de peaux, incluant les peaux sèches ou à tendance acnéiques, et matures. Si vous avez une peau plus sensible, testez-le comme nettoyant en petite quantité (plutôt que le laisser pour une période prolongée).
Photos by @smallbitsofloveliness.

Green face mask mixed in a white dish. Mask was mixed with a small wooden spatula which is also in the dish. This vibrant green mask was mixed with water and honey. It's Catharsis Face Mask by Earthwise Beauty.Masking selfie. A girl with green eyes is wearing a vibrant, rich, deep green face mask. The mask is mixed with water and honey. The mask is based on neem powder. This is Catharsis Face Mask by Earthwise Beauty.

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