New Bua Face Cream by Siam Seas

We are so excited to bring you the new Bua Sacred Protection Face Cream by Siam Seas. Peptides active cream for firmer and brighter looking skin. Available here.

A skincare product in black glass packaging with black pump is placed on a vintage-loking, silver cake dish. Next to the product are dark dried petals and two cut beetroots. In the background on the left side of the image is a light gree to yellow plant, similar to fern. The rest of the background is dark, mostly dark grey but with a mix of light grey and brown shades. The product is in the centre of the image. It is from Siam Seas, their new Bua face cream.

The light, diverse and multi-skilled Bua cream defends by day, and preserves and brightens by night. The formula includes: black tea and green tea water and is drenched in antioxidants that boost your skin’s protection.

Scent experience: Like a blooming lotus, the scent starts off with a soft earthy aroma that swiftly matures into a fresh blend of florals such as Geranium Rose and Neroli with the savory sweetness of vanilla and Ylang Ylang.

Bua Sacred Protection Face Cream is available here.

Photo by Siam Seas.

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