Say Hello to the Ultimate Pampering Experience with Refeel Naturals

Say hello to the ultimate pampering experience with Refeel Naturals Scented Soaps. Each shower becomes a mindful getaway, a moment of pure relaxation, and a journey to radiant, glowing skin. Let the fragrant suds nourish your skin and transport your senses. Available here.

refeel naturals soap bars

refeel natural soap bar

Refeel Naturals soaps are made using the ancient cold-process saponification technique, which makes them very gentle and non-drying on the skin. The creamy and velvety lather is a true delight in the shower.

Available in four scent:

Le sud, le nuit - A scent of the south, when the intense heat subsides at sunset. An initial green and piquant note, embraced by the fullness of a generous and floral orange blossom.

Poudre Sentimentale - Its fragrance unfolds a velvety heart of heliotrope and patchouli, almost comforting. Then the base exults in powdery notes of iris and rice powder. An enchanting fragrance, reminiscent of Proust’s madeleine and the scents of grand evenings.

Androgyne Rhapsodie - A captivating scent, initially aromatic and floral, with delicate notes of geranium and jasmine, and enriched by the depth of sandalwood and tonka bean.

Lost Alhambra - Scented with notes of Refeel Naturals’ signature fragrance Lost Alhambra, it evokes the palaces of the Orient and the dry heat of Andalusia.

Photos by Refeel Naturals.

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