Use Zen Matcha Cashmere and wake up to a velvety skin

This is Zen Matcha Cashmere, a reforming night serum by the amazing Australian brand Lepaar. A richly textured, deeply nutritious and lightweight regenerative serum that deeply hydrates, tightens and improves the look of skin texture. Available here.

zen matcha cahsmere oil serum by lepaar

Zen Matcha Cashmere contains an array of stunning ingredients like Immortelle, Nettle, Green Tea, Wild Pink Jasmine, Avocado and more. Use it as your night serum or as an intensive mask: rinse your face with warm water, gently pat dry and massage 5-10 drops into warm, damp skin. Leave on for 10-15 minutes – longer if you have time – and take off with a warm damp cloth.

Great for all skin types but especially benefits acne-prone, dry, sensitive, element-beaten skin.

Shop Zen Matcha Cashmere here.

Photo by Lepaar.

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