Warm & Luxurious Radiance with KiNU from H is for Love

Give your skin a warm and luxurious radiance, along with a touch of shimmer, when you use H is for Love KINU Glowing Skin Balm. Available here. The way it makes your skin look and feel while its subtle scent evokes images of exotic lands might tempt you to use it only for special occasions but we encourage you to make everyday an occasion with KINU.

a woman is holding a black jar of a body butter with yellow color. This is the H si for Love KINU glowing skin balm

kinu glowing skin balm from h is for love

The scent of KINU will mix with your own, creating a perfume unique to you alone: warm, woody, spicy, sweet, fresh, grounding, sexy. Easily absorbed, full of nutrient-rich plant oils, coconut, kalahari, rosehip CO2, coveted vanilla CO2, and more, this body product is unlike anything you've experienced before.

Best used right after shower, before patting your skin dry with a towel. For a truly luxurious experience and beautiful ritual use it together with H is for Love POLLEN Illuminating Mist. Mist it on your body and while your skin is still wet, apply KINU. This will help the balm to get absorbed better and your skin will feel super soft, moisturized and nourished.
Photos from H is for Love.

You can get KINU here.

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