Bua: A Cream with Peptides for Firmer and Brighter Looking Skin

This is your reminder to try the latest launch from Siam Seas; discover Bua Sacred Protection Face Cream. Available here.

siam seas bua sacred protective face cream in black glass packaging with a pump

This is a serum-cream with thicker consistency that has worked magic on my skin. It is an absolute gem! This is a peptides active cream for firmer and brighter looking skin. With regular use I experienced brighter looking skin and more even skin tone and texture, and overall my skin looked firmer and just better. This cream is drenched in antioxidants that boost your skin’s protection and another thing I want to mention is that Bua is also suitable for oily skin since extracted callus stem cells of the lotus plant balances the skin.

It depends on your skin tone but as someone with normal to combination skin I loved using Bua as a serum - after misting or toning my face and before applying a facial oil and/or moisturizer. Dry skin will appreciate using it like that but oily can use Bua on its own. I’m happy to help you if you have any questions regarding your skin care routine with Bua, or any other product from our shop.

Shop Bua here.

Photo by @smallbitsofloveliness.

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