Deeply Nourish & Gently Resurface your Skin with Haoma

If you’re looking for a gently resurfacing and deeply nourishing mask, do check out the Resurfacing Gel Mask by Haoma. Available here.

a skin care product in an off-white colored plastic is held by woman's hands. The product is in a jar and it is open. One hand is holding it and it is placed in the palm of the other hand. The product has a beige clear consistency. This is the Resurfacing Gel Mask by Haoma.

A close up of a woman's face. She is applying a skin care product - the Resurfacing Gel Mask by Haoma. The mask has a beige clear texture.

This is an exfoliating and calming mask with a potent blend of Mycelium actives paired with Glycolic Acid and Willow Bark to gently resurface and deeply nourish the skin, revealing a face that is supple, fresh and hydrated.

With Tremella, Shiitake, Maitake and Turkey Tail Mushrooms, Willow Bark and Calendula & Honeysuckle which soothe the look of redness, making this resurfacing mask calming enough for sensitive skin.

Apply evenly and generously to cleansed face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Allow the mask to set for 6-10 minutes and rinse away with warm water and a soft cloth. Use 1-2 times a week.

You can get the Resurfacing Gel Mask here.

Photos by Haoma.

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