Flora Reverie duo by Live Botanical

This is your reminder that we only have a few Live Botanical products left from their seasonal limited edition collection Flora Reverie.

Moonlit Jasmine Hydramist is a sensorial, hydrating experience to soothe the skin & spirit. Leading you to a lush moonlit garden just as the jasmine petals begin to open. Releasing their delicate perfume as the air is still warm from the afternoon sun. Dancing with hints of lavender from afar to connect the heart and mind on a path of deep reflection. Available here.

FloraTherapy Plant Perfume is a decadent perfume that came to light through the long, thoughtful process of traditional techniques of enfleurage, distillation, and infusion. The aroma's centerpiece is a diverse collection of Jasmine varietals coupled with an infusion and distillation of Clary Sage. Weaving hypnotic florals with complex, herbaceous green elements. The aroma unravels overtime to tell a story, from the crisp green notes that catch your attention flowing quickly into narcotic florals that intertwines with earthy, herbaceous undertones. As it slowly settles, hints of musk and the warmth of soft woods peak through, becoming more pronounced on the skin as it dries down. Available here.

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Photos by Live Botanical.

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