Meet Kypris: a luxury, high-performance skincare with a gentle footprint

We are excited to introduce you to a new brand in our shop: Kypris! Available here.

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Kypris is a luxury, high-performance skincare with a gentle footprint. Organic, wild-crafted, and sustainably grown botanicals combined with the best of green biotechnology for powerful results and an ecstatic experience of your Beauty and Being.

Each formula in the KYPRIS line includes a robust selection of best-in-class, science-backed actives (not just one or two trending ingredients) for optimal performance.

The best, most beautiful results come from formulas built with well-tended ingredient sources and innovation paired with scientific consensus.

With thoughtful implementation of regenerative ingredients harvested from Nature or propagated in labs, the Beauty and power of KYPRIS formulas is not just in the “what,” but the “how.” From wild-crafted botanicals to patented peptides and a bioidentical antioxidant complex…

Shop Kypris products here.

Photos from Kypris.

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