New Skincare Brand: BLÜH Alchemy

Give a warm welcome to a new brand in our shop: meet BLÜH Alchemy.
A small bottle with a roller ball applicator lays flat on a white surface. This is Eye Oil Serum by Bluh Alchemy. The clear glass bottle has a metal roller ball. The oil has a vibrant yellow colour. Around the oil are a few flowers and petals, these are calendula flowers. On the photo are also a few pieces of vanilla pods. Next to the oil is also a white ceramic dish with the oil.
BLÜH Alchemy was founded by Becky Bluh and her products are so beautiful and truly effective. Results driven, plant-based, organic, sustainably sourced, bioactive, wild harvested, nutrient dense, cruelty free.

Bluh products are handcrafted in small batches to maintain optimal quality and fresh vital energy. Infused with the world’s first cellular extracted organic botanicals that allows the full power of the plant’s vital actives to be delivered directly to your skin, and with some of the highest concentrations of organic, bioactive ingredients on the market.

Souhaitez une chaleureuse bienvenue à une nouvelle marque en boutique : voici BLÜH Alchemy.

BLÜH Alchemy a été fondée par Becky Bluh et ses produits sont vraiment magnifiques et très efficaces. Sans cruauté, remplis de nutriments, avec des ingrédients de source éthique, et bio.

Les produits de BLÜH sont fabriqués à la main en petits lots pour maintenir un niveau de fraîcheur et une énergie optimale. Infusés à partir d’extraits végétaux permettant d’obtenir le plus haut niveau de concentration sur le marché, et avec les meilleurs ingrédients bioactifs pour votre peau.

Photos by @bluh.alchemy.

On the photo is a white bottle of a skincare product. In blue color it writes Bluh Alchemy Toning Elixir deep hydration finger lime caviar hyaluronic acid. This is a face mist. Next to the product is a flower and some more small plants. Behind is product's paper box - blue with white drawing of a plant.On the photo is a skincare product from a brand Bluh Alchemy. It is their Antioxidant Face Oil. White packaging, white glass bottle with a pump. Writings on the bottle are in blue. There are also three different flowers in this photo and a vail with this oil which has a rich deep orange color.

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