New Skincare Launch by Manasi 7

The newest skincare launch by Manasi 7 is now available in our shop! Give a warm welcome to Botanical Cleanser Caulis. Available here.

manasi 7 Botanical Cleanser Caulis

manasi 7 Botanical Cleanser Caulis

Caulis is formulated with fermented, certified organic, natural and wild-harvested ingredients, and is SLS-free water-activated cleansing balm. It emulsifies from balm to milk with water, rinsing away makeup, dirt and sunscreen, leaving a smooth, clean looking complexion with no residue.

It’s suitable for all including sensitive skin and doesn’t compromise its moisture barrier or disrupt its pH.

Caulis can also be used as a soothing facial mask. You can leave it on dry skin for 20 minutes while you continue the rest of your routine, and then wash it off with warm water.

Shop Caulis here.

Photos by Manasi 7.

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