Revitalize your skin with Sterling Honey Polish

Sterling Honey Polish by Precious Skin Elixirs revitalizes and comforts skin with a lavish ambrosia of raw honey, botanical oils, and earth and sea clays. A gentle cleansing cream infused with colloidal silver. Available here.

precious skin elixirs sterling honey polish texture

precious skin elixirs sterling honey polish

precious skin elixirs sterling honey polish

Deeply nourishing, this creamy emulsion dissolves impurities while drawing hydration into skin and providing an infusion of minerals and enzymes for clarity and softness.

Use Sterling on cleansed skin and emulsify it by massaging in circular motions to thoroughly release debris. Leave on a minute or two before rinsing clear. You can also use it as a face mask - apply a slightly thicker layer to damp skin and let it penetrate for as long as you wish.
Photos by @smallbitsofloveliness.

Sterling Honey Polish is available here.

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