The Bean is an Ultra-Concentrated Facial Mask that Awakens & Revives Skin

The BEAN Mask by Mahalo delivers one of the best and most potent unions of antioxidant actives that work in perfect synergy to intelligently detoxify and support the skin. Available here.

mahalo skin care the bean antioxidant mask

The BEAN is a creamy, concentrated dark brown paste with fine, gentle exfoliation grains (from moroccan clay). Ready to use straight from the jar, no additional activation required.

With a decadent, yet robust union of coffee and cacao, sweetened with notes of honey and vanilla, with highlights of exotic cardamom, patchouli, Hawaiian sandalwood, ylang ylang and a fleeting crisp note of bergamot.

The BEAN Mask is available here.

Photo by Mahalo.

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