The Cutest Makeup Ever

Meet the cutest bronzers ever! Meet Shape Sticks by Axiology! Formulated using naturally-derived, simple ingredients, Shape Sticks have a long-wear and a smooth satin finish.

axiology makeup in paper tubes
They create shape, definition, and bronze to the face but can also be used on eyes and lips as they are multi-use and multi-functional.


Available in four shades:

  • Light - Light tan with warm to neutral undertones. Best for fair to light skin.
  • Medium - Medium tan with neutral undertones. Best for light to medium skin.
  • Dark - Dark brown with warm to neutral undertones. Best for medium to dark skin.
  • Deep - Deep brown with cool to neutral undertones. Best for deep skin.

Axiology products are vegan, plastic-free and natural. Have you already tried them?

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Photo by Axiology.

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