Unlock the secret to soft, supple skin with H is for Love

Unlock the secret to soft, supple skin that glows with youthful vitality when you use LIN Purifying Skin Scrub by H is for Love. Available here.

h is for love lin purifying skin scrub

Body scrubs are plentiful in the beauty world. H is for Love chose to put extra care into LIN to ensure that it retains its shape whilst remaining soft to the touch. They wanted a scrub that wouldn't be oily, where the sugar would stay in one place, and that would feel and smell like absolute heaven. This whipped mousse-like scrub was made to purify your skin in preparation for the application of KINU. KINU is available here.

The scent of LIN has been designed to act as the perfect base note upon which KINU can be layered. Gorgeous Indian vetiver, uplifting bergamot, and sweet warm Peru balsam lay the foundation, and will have you reaching for your jar just to take a whiff every time you walk by the bath.
Photo by H is for Love.

LIN is available here.

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